Theranostics using radionuclides has been available clinically for a number of decades and recently become a hot topic in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours and prostate cancer.  Dosimetry is a powerful tool that can be used to prescribe patient specific radionuclide therapy, in an effort to administer the greatest therapeutic benefit while minimising complications.  


Dr Jye Smith is the Principal Medical Physicist at the Department of Nuclear Medicine & Specialised PET Services QLD (Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital) and the Radiation Safety Officer for the Herston Imaging Research Facility.

He has a keen interest in PET/SPECT instrumentation, image processing and radionuclide therapy. His work in dosimetry has led to a comprehensive patient dosimetry program for the PRRT service at the RBWH. Earlier work included developing a suite of application for processing Nuclear Medicine studies which are now used widely throughout the community.

Jye takes an active role in education and postgraduate supervision through appointments at Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland. In addition, he is the primary staff supervisor training medical physics registrars through the national certification pathway for Medical Physicist in Australia.

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