International guest, Jochen Franke
Product Manager, Magnetic Particle Imaging, System Engineering & Integration - Bruker BioSpin (Germany), will present an overview of Bruker Magnetic Particle Imaging technology, specifically the most recent application developments performed on the Bruker MPI scanner.

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) – a fascinating tomographic imaging modality: From introduction into MPI instrumentation and image reconstruction to biomedical applications

The scope of the first part of this seminar is to present an overview of signal generation and spatial encoding schemes used nowadays in Magnetic Particle Imaging. State-of-the-art MPI scanner topologies will be identified ranging from classical Field-Free-Point and Field-Free-Line systems and hybrid imaging systems. A brief description of magnetic field components with their field requirements and their functionality will be highlighted. With the help of block diagrams, MPI system components of classical signal chains will be described and characterized.

The second part of this tutorial covers the basic introduction of state-of-the-art reconstruction techniques used in Magnetic Particle Imaging. At most, the differences and similarities between the frequency- and time-space reconstruction approach will be addressed. With this overview, advanced techniques such as an enlarged field of view or multi-colour reconstruction will be discussed.

The third part deals with outstanding scientific achievements in the field of MPI. From real-time biomedical applications to image-guided actuation, a vivid summary of the latest results gathered on the Bruker MPI system technology will be provided.

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