Researcher biography

A/Prof Mobli is a UQ Development Fellow and group leader at the Centre for Advanced Imaging. He has over a decade’s track record of method development and high impact research in the field of NMR spectroscopy.

He is responsible for development of several enabling technologies in this field including development of a theoretical framework for predicting the NMR spectrum of small organic molecules (collected works published as a Monograph) and development of alternative methods for acquiring and processing NMR spectra that address key limitation of the traditional Fourier transform NMR approach. He has also been successful in applying these advances to key biological problems including studying the structural basis of voltage gating in voltage gated ion channels and transcriptional pausing in bacteria.

His work was recognised with the award of the Sir Paul Callaghan Medal in 2013 by the Australia and New Zealand society for Magnetic Resonance. Since 2010 he has attracted >$3.5M of competitive research and fellowship grants.

Keywords: Structural biology, High-throughput multidimensional NMR, Protein structure, function and dynamics, Structure-based drug design

Group members

See the Mobli laboratory page for current group members.


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