Researcher biography

Ultra-low magnetic field NMR and MRI (ULF-NMR/MRI) is a newly developed technique which utilises magnetic field strengths lower than 0.01 Tesla. ULF-NMR/MRI has the potential to provide a cost effective and portable alternative to traditional high field imaging and to elucidate, in real time, fundamentally interesting biological and biochemical processes, such as molecular tumbling, protein folding or diffusion processes that are too slow to be accessible to high-field NMR instruments.

I have designed and built a potentially portable ULF-NMR instrument operating under ambient conditions. Current research aims to overcome the weak sample signal and low signal-to-noise ratio by:
  • developing and implementing novel strategies for sample pre-polarisation using small permanent magnet arrays
  • developing and implementing novel highly sensitive magnetometer technology using arrays of localised non-cryogenic magnetic field sensors.

Areas of research