UQ Graduate School has information on managing your candidature and a wide range of resources and workshops to develop your skills.

Student Services have tips and resources to help you successfully make the transition from doing coursework to doing original research.

CAI has an active and supportive student assocation, STAC, which organises regular social events.

Please contact our RHD coordinator with any queries.


Get Involved with CAI!

  • Attend the weekly Imaging Seminars (compulsory for RHD students).

  • Attend Milestone seminars and support your colleagues

  • 3 Minute Thesis Competition. Challenge yourself to explain your thesis into 3 minutes and develop essential communication skills by participating in the CAI 3-minute thesis competition. Read more about the UQ 3 Minute Thesis.


Graduate School International Travel Awards are awarded to support overseas travel for UQ Research Students. There are two rounds per year with up to $5000 for travel.


Milestone requirements

Please see the Centre for Advanced Imaging milestone policy. Contact rhd@cai.uq.edu.au if you have any questions.

Confirmation Fund

Students who commenced studies with CAI prior to 2017 and successfully complete Milestone 1 are eligible for funds totaling $3500 through the CAI confirmation fund that can be used for various purposes including travel, conference registration, research costs and equipment at the supervisor's discretion. Students commencing in 2017 and later who successfully complete their Confirmation Milestone by the due date are eligible to access $2500. If these students successfully complete  the Mid-candidature review by the due date they will be eligible for a further $1000.  To access these funds complete the Request for Confirmation funds form and send to  Lorine Wilkinson, or for any enquiries, see Lorine Wilkinson.


RHD students are entitled to Sick Leave, Paid Parental Leave and Recreation Leave.

Scholarship holders are entitled to 10 days paid sick leave per year and may be entitled to a further 60 days over the duration of their scholarship in some circumstances.

All full-time RHD students are entitled to 4 weeks of recreation leave. Please apply for your leave using the CAI RHD leave form.

Please see the UQ Research Higher Degree Leave and Interruption to Candidature Policy for more information.

Need someone to talk to?

Anna Gemmell has been appointed as the CAI’s student representative. Anna is a PhD student in Dr Kris Thurecht's research group. If you have any concern regarding your RHD project or would like her to attend your interview at your milestones, please do get in touch with her. 


Student Services at UQ

All currently enrolled UQ students are eligible for six free counselling sessions each year. If you are likely to need access to more sessions, your counsellor will discuss the options available and make a referral or introduction to any partner agency as early in the relationship as possible. Our counsellors will listen without judgement, offer new perspectives and work with you on strategies that are right for you. Whatever you say is strictly confidential. Partners, friends and family can be included in the counselling sessions if you and the counsellor agree that it would be helpful. To more information see the student services website.