The Barth group's main interests are in the fields of MR method development for applications in neuroimaging with a focus on functional MRI and neurological diseases such as dementia and cancer, as well as cardiac MR.

Barth Group Members

Current Group Members

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr Tonima Ali
  • Dr Monique Tourell

Adjuct Research Fellow

Research Higher Degree Students

  • Marge Maallo
  • Aurelien Destruel
  • Kiran Thapaliya
  • Atena Akbari
  • Shahrokh Abbasi Rad
  • Thomas Shaw

Visiting Academics

  • Marco Bertleff (February - April 2017)
  • Professor Simon Robinson (March 2015)

Previous Group Members

  • Dr Fabian Zimmer (Research Fellow)