Dr Hyobong Hong
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, presents:

Magnetic properties and permittivity-based analysis and imaging system

  • Part I: Introduction of  ETRI and XIS research group
  • Part II: Development of analysis and imaging system based on magnetic properties of particles  
  • Part III: Development of analysis system based on permittivity of liquids and deep learning technique 

In Part 1 of this seminar, a brief introduction to the research institute and my research team will be given.

In Part II, the introduction on the basic theory of Nano Magnetic Particle (NMP) analysis equipment that our research team is working on and the results so far will be represented. There will also be a brief introduction to the method of analyzing non-magnetic particles and the method of estimating the magnetic characteristic curve based on the raw data.  At the end of Part II, the NMP scanner using the above-mentioned equipment and XY stage will be introduced.  Two examples using this equipment will be represented.  At the same time, I would like to introduce the current progress of Magnetic Particle Imaging system using FFL (or FFP) principle at the same time. 

Part III is an introduction to analytical instruments based on the permittivity of liquids recently developed by our research team. In this study, the recently developed automated liquid profiling by combining RF resonator, 3 axis robot, vector network analyzer and deep learning technique will be introduced. Although the technology we use today is very different from the existing chemical analysis method, we have got some very interesting results from the practical point of view. I would like to introduce these findings as well.

- Dr Hyobong Hong

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