Dr Antonio J. Gonzalez,
PET Team leader and Senior Scientist (CSIC Tenured Scientist)
Institute for Instrumentation in Molecular Imaging, i3M
National Spanish Research Council, CSIC, presents:

Monolithic crystals in PET imaging

PET is a Nuclear Medicine technique known as functional imaging providing information on biological processes. There are several designs worldwide for a variety of applications, both stand-alone or combined with anatomical information (CT or MR). All use scintillation crystals. In this seminar, we aim at showing the advantages of using the so-called monolithic crystal types for the design of PET imagers. We will shed light on the PET principals. We have recently developed two brain dedicated PET systems, one MR compatible (MINDView). Both PET systems use arrays of solid state photosensors to detect the scintillation crystal light. Also, both scanners use large monolithic LYSO crystals. We will present alternative PET designs for other applications such as heart or prostate. Those require of novel scanner designs with limited angle tomography and the capabilities to determine the two-annihilation photons time-of-flight.

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