The distribution of radiolabelled probes can be visualised in tissue sections. A Leica cryostat CM 3050S is used to create the tissue sections. The Biospace Lab Beta Imager is a digital autoradiography system providing real time imaging. The images are displayed on the-flight as beta disintegrations occur. The Beta imager consists of a gaseous particle detector with a scintillation foil Intensified CCD Camera allowing direct Beta counting.

Different energy of beta emitters can be separated: low energy (3H, 125I), medium energy (14C, 35S, 33P) and high energy (32P, 18F, 11C). A spatial resolution from 50μm to 200µm can be achieved depending on isotope and zoom. The Beta imager is up to 500X more sensitive to tritium than X-ray film and 20X more sensitive than Storage Phosphor Screen.

For more information about this instrument, please contact the Facility Manager.