The Bruker In Vivo MS FX Pro optical imaging system at the Centre for Advanced Imaging provides multimodal X-ray, multispectral fluorescence, luminescence and radioisotopic imaging within a single unit. The system is fully automated, facilitating high throughput imaging for detection of molecular and cellular biomarkers with anatomical localisation.

The system can acquire high speed X-ray images in just 3 seconds, which is ideal for co-registration with fluorescence or bioluminescence molecular images. Fluorescence excitation and detection filters are available across the full visible region and into the near infra-red which allows detection deep within the animal (14 excitation filters and 6 wide-angle emission filters). Radiographic and radioisotopic imaging screens allow for rapid throughput imaging of radiolabelled materials. The system has an animal rotation system (MARS) enabling 360 degree coverage of the animal.

Images are acquired using a 4 megapixel digital CCD camera and a field of view of 13.8 x 13.8 cm (with zooming capabilities) allows simultaneous imaging of up to 6 mice.

For more information about this instrument, please contact the Facility Manager.