Information relevant to students in the MRT, Molecular Imaging and MR-PET programs.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, please contact education admin.

The Education Officer is available for one-on-one consultation by appointment and via Skype. Find us on Skype: Centre.for.Advanced.Imaging. 

Writing Resources

The UQ Library has a number of resources and workshops available to assist you in your studies.

The University takes plagiarism very seriously. For more information on how to avoid plagiarism see the UQ Library guide, include a link to the Academic Integrity Tutorial.

How to Apply for an Extension

  • Complete the Application for Extension of Progressive Assessment form
  • E-mail your course co-ordinator before the original due date (you can find their email address in your course's Electronic Course Profile).
  • Request for extensions made after the due date may only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

How to Apply for an Assessment Remark

Fill out the request for remark form.

Please note that the remark will replace the orginal mark for your assessment. The remark may result in a higher or lower score.

How to Apply for an Alternative/Deferred Exam or Supplementary Assessment

Alternative Exam

In certain situations alternative arrangements can be made to enable you to sit your examination so you can perform at your best during an examination.

Deferred Exam:

The University recognises that on occasion a medical condition or other exceptional circumstances may impair your ability to attend an examination at the scheduled date and time.  Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for a deferred examination, and be permitted to sit your mid-semester or end of semester examinations at a later scheduled time.

Supplementary Assessment:

If you fail a course (generally with a grade of three), you may be permitted a second chance to pass the course by being granted a supplementary assessment. You are required to make a formal application within five calendar days of the release of results.

Ethical Clearance

How to Enrol in a Course that Requires Permission

Research courses may require permission from the course coordinator. A pop up box will alert you that 'consent is required' this means that you need to ask permission from the course coordinator. You can find out who the course coordinator is by checking the Study tab on the UQ website. Once you've identified who that is, email the course coordinator directly (please cc Once you have permission, I will add you onto the permission list. You can then enrol as you would normally. 

Accessing Course Content

Magnetic Resonance Technology programs:

All MRT course material is delivered through the MRT Website. Access with your UQ credentials. 
Log in to Blackboard to see the course schedule, participate in tutorials, email other students and your tutor/s, and submit assignments.

Molecular Imaging programs:

You have access to all learning materials through Blackboard (UQ) and Moodle (USyD). For some courses, students can access the MRT Website using their uq credentials.
Log in to Blackboard to see the course schedule, participate in tutorials, email other students and your tutor/s, and submit assignments. 

If you have forgotten your uq password, please contact ITS.