Researcher biography

Investigating the neurobiological and genetic components of language, learning and memory, and how that translates to improved therapy.
A/Prof McMahon’s research interests lie in understanding the neurobiology of language, learning and memory, and the genetic and environmental influences on brain structure and function. When these systems fail, either due to stroke or a degenerative disease like Parkinson’s, imaging markers of lesion size, position and brain network damage might be able to be used to optimise therapeutic intervention, by providing insights on the best type of therapy. She is also investigating behavioural and neurological markers in children with language development problems, such as autism or specific language impairment.

In addition, A/Prof McMahon collaborates on work looking at musculoskeletal function and MRI markers in whiplash. She is the course coordinator for Fast Imaging (MRES7005) and diffusion and perfusion (MRES7007), and teaches into Standard Imaging (MRES7004) and functional neuroanatomy (ANAT3022).

Keywords: neuroimaging, fMRI, DTI, language, memory, learning, MSK

See the McMahon laboratory page for current group members.


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