Researcher biography

Professor Tianzi Jiang was appointed as Professor of Neuroimaging at The University of Queensland, shared between the QBI and the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) in 2011. He also works in Beijing, where he is Professor of Brain Imaging and Cognitive Disorders and Director of Brainnetome Centre at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research themes in the Jiang group include the development of the next-generation brain atlas – the brainnetome atlas, with multimodal MRI techniques; innovative imaging techniques and analytic methodologies; and brainnetome biomarkers for neurological and psychiatric diseases with imaging genetics. Our group here closely collaborates with researchers of Brainnetome Centre in Beijing and its Branch at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, to study basic theory, methodologies and algorithms, platform of brainnetome at multiple scales, and their applications in neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Keywords: Brainnetome, multimodal MRI, imaging genetics, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease