Researcher biography

Muneer obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry from The University of Sydney, Australia (2011) under the supervision of Prof. Matt Todd (Currently, Chair Drug Discovery, School of Pharmacy, University College London, UK). He spent several years at KU Leuven (Laboratory of Radiopharmaceutical Research) with Prof. Guy Bormans developing small molecule PET tracers for CNS imaging. In 2017 he returned back to Australia with a brief postdoctoral position with Prof. Colin Raston and Dr. Justin Chalker (Flinders University, Adelaide, SA) to develop new protein bioconjugation methods on a thin-flim micro fluidic platform.

In 2018, he joined the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) and Centre for Biomedical Imaging and Technology (CIBIT) with Assoc. Prof. Kristofer Thurecht. His research interests include PET imaging of brain endocannabinoids, epigenetics, ion channels using small molecules and development of new radiochemical/bioconjugation methodologies.