AFMIAC brings together cutting-edge capabilities for the synthesis of novel cancer diagnostic agents and for preclinical and human imaging. ACRF funding has enabled acquisition of a large bore digital PET-CT scanner for large animal and human research at the Centre for Advanced Imaging. Advanced molecular imaging technologies offer an unprecedented potential to visualise the fundamental processes underlying cancer initiation, tissue invasion, metastasis and recurrence. Realising this potential will contribute to early diagnosis and improve treatment selection and monitoring and will also increase the effectiveness of efforts to identify novel therapeutic targets and to develop new therapies. 

Project members

The CAI-led Facility brings together researchers from IMB, QBI, QIMR Berghofer, AIBN, UQ School of Pharmacy and School of Veterinary Science, QUT and the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre.

Professor David Reutens

Centre for Advanced Imaging

Professor Pamela Russell

Honorary Professor

Associate Professor Rajiv Bhalla

Head of Radiochemistry
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Professor Markus Barth

ARC Future Fellow, Head of Ultra-high Field MR Research
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Associate Professor Kris Thurecht

Group Leader - Principal Research Fellow
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Dr Taracad (Venku) Venkatachalam

Research Fellow
The Centre for Advanced Imaging