Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is an important tool for investigating functional networks of the human brain. In a resting state, significant activity is seen in functionally connected areas known as resting state networks (RSNs). To date no clear correlation has been found between the neural and electrophysiological processes within the RSNs identified in fMRI, likely due to methodological limitations. Here, we will overcome this by combining fMRI with structural connectivity using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), and concurrent electroencephalography (EEG) at ultra-high field strength (7T) in a group of patients with neurodegenerative diseases and matched control subjects. This will provide new insights into the functional organization of brain networks and could reveal disease-specific biomarkers to monitor and understand pathological processes affecting functional connectivity.

Project members

Dr Steffen Bollmann

National Imaging Facility (NIF) Fellow & UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow (ultra-high field human imaging)
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Professor Markus Barth

ARC Future Fellow, Head of Ultra-high Field MR Research
Centre for Advanced Imaging