The measured uptake of a single metabolically active tracer is influenced by both tracer delivery and biological activity i.e. cellular transport or site-specific binding. Simultaneous dynamic measurement of the uptake of gadolinium (Gd) MRI perfusion agents and the glucose PET analogue 18F fluoro deoxyglucose ([18F]-FDG) enables independent assessment of tissue delivery and cellular transport of FDG. This also opens the potential to assess two parameters of kidney viability simultaneously; glomeruli filtration via measurement of Gd clearance through the kidney and glucose reabsorption via FDG clearance into the bladder. The kidney normally reabsorbs almost all glucose, however the lower affinity of FDG for the renal glucose transporters, results in increased urinary FDG. However, FDG clearance can be modulated by different physiological conditions. This project will provide new insights into glucose utilisation in the whole mouse.

Project members

Dr Gary Cowin

NIF Facility Fellow and Animal Imaging Facility Manager
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Dr Karine Mardon

NIF Facility Fellow and Molecular Imaging Facility Manager
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Professor Ian Brereton

Director, Research and Technology
Centre for Advanced Imaging