Gadolinium is a commonly used contrast enhancement agent for MRI and can be delivered selectively to tumour tissue to aid the physician in locating the cancerous tissue for removal. Hyperbranched polymers have proven to be an effective delivery scaffold for imaging and diagnostic agents. By utilising these polymers as nano-carriers, targeted and selective delivery to tumours can be achieved. Further confirmation of tumour localisation is made available in this project by exploiting the higher than normal abundance of proteins (i.e: glutathione) in cancer cells. When these nano-carriers localise in the tumour cells the stimuli-responsive linker releases the contrast agent, modulating the observed signal in the MRI.
In collaboration with Prof Cameron Alexander (Nottingham University).

Project members

Associate Professor Kris Thurecht

Group Leader - Principal Research Fellow
Centre for Advanced Imaging

Dr Zachary H. Houston

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Advanced Imaging