Researcher biography

My interests lie in the research and development of magnetic resonance imaging methods to help with the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases and disorders. I am also interested in understanding the underlying biological and physical processes influencing signal formation in magnetic resonance imaging. My current work can be categorised as:

  • High-field MRI: Use multiple MRI contrasts to develop biomarkers and to enhance the power of diagnosis in neurological disorders with application in multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.
  • Ultra-low field MRI: Develop instrumentation for the purpose of studying processes that occur on a relatively short timescale with application in studies on chemical exchange and diffusion.
  • Diffusion imaging: Explore the importance of anomalous diffusion in brains and how it changes with tissue structure and architecture, applicable to studies on brain tumours.
  • Physical constant mapping: Derive magnetic susceptibility, electric permittivity and conductivity from magnetic resonance imaging data with application in studies where abnormal tissue structure plays a role, such as cancer cells.
Featured projects Duration
Novel MRI approaches to map focal cortical dysplasia in focal epilepsy
NHMRC Project Grant
Modelling and analysis of anomalous diffusion in magnetic resonance imaging
UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Portable three-dimensional ultra-low field MR
ARC Discovery Project Grant