STAC is a student association which promotes student engagement in social and professional activities to supplement the high quality research. With the support of the CAI executive, STAC provide social events, inter-institute competitions and educational seminars.

Each year a small team of students work together to facilitate a balanced lifestyle for all staff, prospective and current students including PhD, masters, honours and undergraduates through networking in a positive atmosphere.

We encourage everyone at the CAI to attend STAC events as a way to meet your peers and relax in a stress-free environment.

  • Free events on campus
  • Group outings
  • Meet peers and researchers
  • Learn new skills
  • Discover CAI research
  • Celebrate

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STAC 2016 Events Calendar


Pizza Social Mixer (Friday 12th)
Welcome Morning Tea (Monday 15th)


St Patrick's Day Social Mixer (Friday 11th)


Social Sport Mixer (Friday 8th)


Social Outing - Strike Bowling (Friday 6th)
Combined Trivia Night with AIBN and IMB


Social Mixer (Friday 10th)
MATLAB Seminars


Social Mixer - 3MT (Friday 29th)


Social Outing - EKKA (TBA)
Inter-institute Soccer


Social Mixer (Friday 9th)
Frisbee & BBQ


Social Mixer (Friday 14th)


Social Outing (Friday 11th)


Christmas Party (Friday 2nd)


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STAC Members

Role       President
Name     Anna Gemmell

Anna is a 2nd year PhD student at the CAI. Born and raised in Brisbane, she completed her BSc (Hons) at the University of Queensland in 2013 before beginning her PhD in late 2014 in polymer chemistry. She works with A. Prof Kris Thurecht and Dr. Simon Puttick investigating the design of targeted polymeric nanomedicines for the treatment of cancer through the use of preclinical imaging techniques.

Role       Vice-President
Name     Nick Westra Van Holthe

Role       Secretary
Name     Josh Harbort

Joshua is currently a 2nd year PhD student in the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) group at the CAI. Native to the western Brisbane area, he survived a BSc (Hons) at the University of Queensland in 2012 to go onto a PhD in 2015, applying EPR techniques to characterise the reactivity and structure of molecular systems with unpaired electrons. Joshua primarily works with A. Prof. Jeff Harmer, and Prof. James De Voss at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences on selected cytochromes P450.

Role       Social Media Rep
Name     Javier Urriola 

Role       Academic Rep
Name     Saskia Bollmann

Saskia is currently a 2nd year PhD student at the CAI. She received her BSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany before completing an MSc in Biomedical imaging at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland. After working one year as a research assistant on concurrent magnetic field monitoring for fMRI, her PhD project involves working on ultra-high field human MRI under the supervision of A. Prof Markus Barth.

Role       Social Rep
Name     Reuben Pellicer

Role       Social Rep
Name     Abdullah Asiri







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