STAC is a student association which promotes student engagement in social and professional activities to supplement the high quality research. With the support of the CAI executive, STAC provide social events, inter-institute competitions and educational seminars.

Each year a small team of students work together to facilitate a balanced lifestyle for all staff, prospective and current students including PhD, masters, honours and undergraduates through networking in a positive atmosphere.

We encourage everyone at the CAI to attend STAC events as a way to meet your peers and relax in a stress-free environment.

  • Free events on campus
  • Group outings
  • Meet peers and researchers
  • Learn new skills
  • Discover CAI research
  • Celebrate

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STAC 2018 Events Calendar


Barbeque Social Mixer (Friday 16th)


Social Frisbee with AIBN (Friday 27th)


Career Seminar & Morning Tea (Tuesday 15th)
Combined Trivia Night with AIBN and IMB


Social Mixer (Friday 15th)


Social Mixer - Social Mixer & 3MT (Friday 13th)


STAC Hike - Mt Coot-tha (Saturday 18th)


Social Mixer, Touch Football & Barbeque (Friday 21st)


Social Outing - Laser tag (Friday 19th)


Social Mixer - Barbeque & Board Games (Friday 16th)


Christmas Party (Friday 7th)


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STAC Members

Role       President
Name     Biswa Prasanna Mishra

Biswa is a first-year PhD candidate at CAI and a member of Associate Professor Mehdi Mobli’s biomolecular NMR group, working on the structural basis of receptor modulation by venom peptides. He loves mountaineering and has successfully climbed several high altitude passes and peaks in the Himalayas. Biswa is a shutterbug and spends his free time travelling and clicking. He sings, plays the drums and basically loves everything musical. He adores basketball and is an avid follower of the NBA.

Role       Treasurer
Name     Shauna Herbst

Shauna is an honours student working under the supervision of Associate Professor Kristofer Thurecht. Her research focuses on the development of a light controlled antibody-polymer conjugate for targeted imaging. With a competitive sports background, Shauna enjoys spending her weekends being active outdoors, whether it be cycling, trail running or hiking.

Role       Secretary
Name     Kiran Thapaliya

Kiran is a third-year PhD candidate as part of the Barth group; and works on the quantitative assessment of tissue microstructure in studying human brain disorders. He loves travelling, reading science fiction and playing soccer.

Role       Social Media Representative
Name     Shaeez Usman Abdulla  

Shaeez is in his final year of his PhD, working with Dr Viktor Vegh and Professor David Reutens on developing new methods for ultra-high field MR signal phase combination. He loves spicy food, watching The Good Fight on SBS, exploring culture and nature but is not too fond of travelling.

Role       Academic Representative
Name     Atena Akbari

Atena is a first-year PhD candidate as part of the Barth Group. She is currently working in the field of high resolution fMRI, and her project aims to understand how the brain works while doing different tasks based on blood volume and blood flow. In Atena’s free time, she enjoys reading novels or watching movies and documentaries.

Role       Social Representative
Name     Jai Croucher

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Jai is in the first year of his PhD and works under the supervision of Professor David Reutens. His research is focused on the psychology of reasoning, dual process theories and underlying cognitive mechanisms related to reasoning and related neural substrates. Jai’s hobbies include music, comedy and anything sport-related.

Role       Social Representative
Name     Shahrokh Abbasi-Rad

Originally from Shiraz in Iran, Shahrokh’s research deals with sequence development to improve image quality in diffusion-weighted imaging at 7T. He likes reading history books and enjoys playing and watching soccer during his free time.






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