Application Process

Download the Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging Application Process flowchart for an overview.

1. Starting your project:

Projects can commence after submission of an application which is then reviewed by the Molecular Imaging Scientific Committee.

CAI is able to provide advice to get your project started. Projects can be conducted collaboratively or independently. The Centre will also provide the necessary safety training before your project starts.

Visit our instrument pages and identify the one/s you would like to book.

Contact the relevant Facility Manager to discuss your project requirements.


2. Application form

Complete the CAI Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging Project Assessment Form and return to


3. Molecular Imaging Scientific Committee

All projects must be presented to the Molecular Imaging Scientific Committee before commencing. When you present to the committee, you will be asked to give a brief (5 min) overview of your project. The committee will then discuss the project with you and provide relevant feedback or advice, as necessary, on scientific aspects of the project to ensure the experimental design is optimal and ensure the facility is able to fully support the research. .

2016 Meeting Dates:

The Molecular Imaging Scientific Committee meets on the first Monday of every month. Project Assessment forms must be received at least 7 days in advance.

4. User Fees