CAI provides physics support to users of all its platforms. Please direct initial enquiries to the relevant facility manager who will be able to advise on what level of support your experiment will require.

All new projects are provided with physics support during preliminary experiments and set up. If additional physics support is required, CAI’s staff are happy to discuss formal collaboration.

Fee for service physics support may also be possible but we prefer to work collaboratively with our users.

Imaging Support

Dr Viktor Vegh

Assoc Prof Markus Barth

Assoc Prof Kai-Hsiang Chuang

Dr Nyoman Kurniawan

MR Spectroscopy Support

Dr Yas Tesiram

Molecular Imaging Support

Dr Karine Mardon

Dr Gary Cowin





EPR Support

Assoc Prof Jeffrey Harmer
Elexsys E500, E540, E580

Image Processing and Computing Support

Dr Steffen Bollmann
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