NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) is a key technology for determining the structures of molecules and visualising the anatomy of living tissue and microscopic structure. It has revolutionised chemistry, physics, diagnostic medicine and structural biology. NMR is one of only two techniques available for complete determination of the structures of proteins, providing the fundamental molecular information used in drug design programs.

The Queensland Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Network is funded with assistance from the Smart State Research Facilities Fund (SSRFF). QNN is a network of high field NMR equipment in Queensland which supports a developing biotechnology industry in this State. The facility allows researchers from universities, institutes and companies to carry out high-resolution molecular structure determination and imaging supporting research programs in a broad range of fields, including biodiscovery, drug design, and neuroscience. The facility attracts national and international researchers and establishes Queensland as a central hub for NMR spectroscopy and imaging research in Australia. QNN facilitates access by regional Queensland and interstate centres to world class research infrastructure.


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