From hardware engineering to biomedical imaging, through to micro-imaging and spectroscopy, explore exciting research opportunities available at our centre

The UQ Winter Research program is an opportunity for UQ undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students to become involved in exciting research within the Centre for Advanced Imaging for 4 to 6 weeks during the Winter vacation (June/July). Scholarships are available for selected students.

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Honours is a challenging year of study in which you will undertake your own research project under the supervision of one of our Researchers. Skills developed throughout the year are communication skills, scientific writing, research design and analysis, critical thinking, and develop practical skills relevant to your research project.  You will be a member of a research group that uses cutting edge imaging technology to work towards a common goal. Completion of the Honours program enables you to proceed directly to an MPhil or PhD. 

Students are typically enrolled through the School of Biomedical Sciences  or School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences  but will complete their research project at CAI.

What to do next:

Browse through our academic staff profiles to find an area that you are interested in and that suits your undergraduate degree.

Contact the researcher directly via email.  

The UQ Summer Research program is the opportunity for undergraduate and  postgraduate coursework students to get involved in exciting research project within the Centre for Advanced Imaging during the summer (November to February). Scholarships (up to $3600) are available for selected students.  For more information and to apply please go to UQ Employability.  

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