National Imaging Facility

National Imaging Facility (NIF)  is a nation-wide organisation that provides state-of-the-art imaging capabilities of animals, plants, and materials. Established in 2007, NIF is one of the four Characterisation Capability projects implemented by the Australian Government, under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Since establishment, NIF has further expanded by the Education Investment Fund (EIF).

As an integrated imaging technology-based facility, NIF merges the expertise of neuroscientists, imaging researchers and clinicians, platform engineers, and computational scientists across 13 major universities and research institutes in Australia. NIF aims to provide open access of an array of world-leading imaging instrumentation and aptitudes to the Australian research community.

NIF’s imaging capabilities (‘Nodes’) spread across all mainland state capitals in Australia. The Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) at the University of Queensland hosts the largest Node of NIF and is also the base of NIF Central Management.

NIF has received operational funding for Facility Fellows and Informatics Fellows through both the Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (CRIS) and NCRIS2013 funding mechanisms. NIF fellows are tasked with supporting users in design, implementation and interpretation of imaging experiments to address their research questions.  There are 4 such positions funded at the UQ Node.

Contact: Ms Saba Salehi, NIF Chief Operating Officer