First Comparative Oncology Scan at CAI

24 October 2017
Patient Bronson at CAI for a PET-CT scan to confirm a suspected tumour with Veterinary Oncologist from the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

A special moment for the Centre last week as the first comparative oncology PET-CT was performed in the new ACRF Facility for Molecular Imaging Agents in Cancer. In collaboration with veterinary oncologists from the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC), patient Bronson, an 11 year old Rottweiler cross, underwent a successful PET-CT scan to confirm a suspected trigeminal nerve sheath tumour (tumour of the nerves in the jaw).

Naturally occurring cancers in companion animals such as pet dogs share clinical and biological similarities to human cancers. Helping to cure cancer in companion animals will also lead to new cancer-fighting drugs for humans. This is the aim of the new research paradigm of Comparative Oncology. With our veterinary partners, the Centre for Advanced Imaging is establishing the first research program in Australia to harness the power of Comparative Oncology.

A PET-CT scan shows both the metabolic activity and the structure of the internal organs.

A $2.5 million Australian Cancer Research Foundation grant enabled the purchase of a large-bore PET-CT scanner and an upgrade of the CAI’s  magnetic resonance imaging facilities to enhance imaging to improve cancer detection, characterisation, treatment and monitoring in companion animals.

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