CAI featured in ABC Catalyst: Memory Matters

19 September 2018

The Centre featured in the ABC science documentary series, ABC Catalystas part of the 2018 season final, 'Memory Matters'.

In the episode, Dr Caroline West meets scientists working at the forefront of memory research, introducing remarkable individuals whose exceptional memories and unique abilities are helping unlock the secrets of memory (sic).

Professor Markus Barth and Dr Maryam Ziaei designed a unique functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) activity for the episode, which saw inside Dr West's brain and how it responded to memory.

The functional task measured how a brain reacts to visual stimuli which would evoke a memory response. 

Dr Ziaei said we can see how our brains respond to memories by testing which parts of the brain are stimulated when presented with familiar and non-familiar objects.

fMRI has the ability to measure brain function responses and indicate neural activity. In this case, the fMRI measured brain activity when a memory was triggered and retrieved. 

Professor Barth said his dream was always to become an inventor.

"I always wanted to be an inventor... and that's what we're doing, we're trying to invent things that help us look into our brains better.

"This gives us important information which can help with the treatment of diseases such as dementia," he said. 

The episode aired on Tuesday 18 September 2018 and can be viewed on iview.
See our Centre and watch our team in action between 13.29 - 20.15.

This activity was filmed in the 7T MRI facility, Centre for Advanced Imaging and Queensland National Imaging Facility (NIF) node, supported by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). The fMRI was conducted in our 7 Tesla whole-body MRI scanner, a NIF flagship instrument.

Media: Maria Moran,, +61 7 3365 1785