Professor Seong-Gi Kim,
Director, Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research (Institute for Basic Science) and
Department of Biomedical Engineering (Sungkyunkwan University); presents:

Rodent fMRI at Ultrahigh Fields

High-resolution fMRI is increasingly used for mapping functional networks in whole brains at a fine scale. In human fMRI studies, one millimeter isotropic resolution has been obtained at 7 T with state-of-the-art methodologies. In animal studies, even higher spatial resolution is needed for matching brain resolution due to the different brain size (e.g., 20 cm in humans vs. ~2 cm in rats), which requires the improvement of fMRI sensitivity, and understands fundamental spatial limits. My lab has been working on underlying biophysics, sensitivity, specificity, and limits of fMRI with animal models. In my talk, high-resolution fMRI of anesthetized rodents at ultrahigh fields of 9.4 T and 15.2 T will be discussed.

- Prof Seong-Gi Kim

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