International guest, Associate Professor Dan Kytyr,
Head of Department of Biomechanics,
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague), joins us to present:

Instrumentation of 4D μCT procedures in experimental biomechanics and material engineering

The combination of the computed tomography and loading test is a suitable tool for investigating the mechanical behaviour of samples with complex inner structures, (for example, bones, artificial bone scaffolds, foams etc).

For this purpose, there are three key parts to consider: i) tomographic setup, ii) loading device and iii) tool for the assessment and evaluation of changes of the tested structure.

Our team at the Department of the Biomechanics at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics is highly experienced in the development of loading devices, instrumentation, control software, testing procedures and tools for their evaluation. In this presentation, several types (and generation) of the in-house designed loading devices and testing setups will be introduced. As well as this, I will present the complete testing process (with the biological and artificial materials), from sample preparation to the evaluation of strain fields in the volume of the sample.

The knowledge about the deformation behaviour of the real structure in 3D can be successfully used for the verification of numerical models, which is a fundamental state for more advanced FE analyses.

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