Researcher biography

Damion Stimson is the Research Radiochemist for the Centre for Advanced Imaging. Damion’s role at the CAI includes operation of the cyclotron and radiopharmaceutical production and quality control facilities to support research programmes requiring radiopharmaceuticals, and to conduct research in the development of new radiochemistry syntheses and novel radioligands.

Research Interests:

  • The development of new radiosynthetic methods and radiolabelling technologies for PET radiopharaceuticals.

  • New radioligands as imaging probes for PET.

  • Novel C-11 and F-18 labelled amino acids as tumour specific radiopharmaceuticals for PET.

  • Cyclotrons and cyclotron targetry development.

  • Analytical chemistry, in particular liquid chromatography, and its application in radiopharmaceutical science.