Metabolomics characterises the content of biological samples (bottom left) by NMR spectroscopy (top left), and analyses metabolite changes with statistical methods (top right) that allow a systems interpretation (bottom right) of the underlying physiology. 

Metabolomics utilises the quantitative nature of NMR to analyse biological samples containing many compounds simultaneously and is at the forefront of the identification of biomarkers for disease characterisation and progression. We can characterise biofluid samples (urine, plasma/serum, CSF, ruminal fluid etc.) as well as tissue extracts (human, animal, plant), microbial, agricultural, and food samples.

NMR-based metabolomics is complementary to mass spectrometry-based approaches and an ideal platform characterisation technology to select further analytical technologies.

The Centre for Advanced Imaging houses facilities for NMR-based metabolomics that are unparalleled in Australia, among them a 900 MHz NMR spectrometer and a 700 MHz spectrometer, both equipped with cryoprobes for increased sensitivity and with chilled sample changers for high-throughput sample measurement. A sample preparation robot is available for large sample numbers.

Expert staff at CAI provide guidance for sample preparation, acquire spectra and process and curate raw data.

For more information on using the metabolomics facility, please refer to the NMR Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Facility Manager.