University of Queensland

The 900MHz, 700MHz and 600MHz are located at UQ St Lucia campus. To apply, please download the application form.


Queensland University of Technology

The 400MHz is located at QUT Gardens Point campus. To apply, please contact Dr Mark Wellard or phone (07) 3138 4205.


Griffith University

The 600MHz Cryoprobe is located at the Gold Coast campus of Griffith University. To apply, please contact Dr Jennifer Wilson by email or phone (07) 5552 8077.


Acknowledging QNN in Your Publications

As per the Conditions of use, use of the 900, 700 and 600 LC-NMR spectrometers is subject to appropriate acknowledgement of the Qld NMR Network and the financial support of the Queensland State Government in all publications, conference presentations and media articles arising from data acquired with these facilities.

Why is it important?

Acknowledgments are evidence that investments in equipment and people have led to important research outcomes.

This helps us to make the case for future investments – both in the next generation of instrumentation, and in the people needed to support user communities working in the facility.

Suggested Wording

"The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance, of the Queensland NMR Network Research Facility at the [insert name of node], [insert name of university]."

For presentation and poster

Please include the QNN logo in the 'acknowledgements slide' of your presentations.