The general aim of this research program is to fundamentally understand critical biological processes on a systems level and the role they play in health and disease. To achieve this, the program rests on the following two complementary specific objectives:

1. To use systems biology, and specifically metabolomics, to investigate and elucidate fundamental biological processes, such as metabolic regulation, lifespan determination, thermotolerance, and hibernation, and the role they play in developing diseases, such as cancer, obesity, or Alzheimer’s disease.

2. To develop methods of effective data collection, analysis, integration and simulation in systems biology, that allow analysis and integration of multimodal and multifaceted data, as well as simulation of metabolic networks, and to apply those methods to achieve deeper exploration and understanding of the biological processes studied.




RHD Projects

For more information on available RHD projects please contact the relevant researcher or CAI RHD student admin.