The Inveon PET/CT at the Centre for Advanced Imaging
The Centre for Advanced Imaging's PET-CT

The Inveon multimodality PET-CT imaging scanner (Siemens) is capable of providing three dimensional CT and PET images of live mouse and rat as well as fixed samples. The system can deliver high resolution CT images (<10 µM for a field-of-view <20 mm) with a maximum field-of-view of 80 mm X 50 mm (with a resolution of approximately 50 µM). The minimum resolution achievable with the PET scanner is approximately 1 mm (maximum field-of-view of 120 mm) with a high sensitivity in picomolar range. The PET scanner uses molecular imaging probes labelled with positrons-emitting radionuclides produced by a cyclotron (i.e. 18F, 11C, 64Cu).

For information about the features of this instrument, please contact the Facility Manager.