The solid-state NMR facilities at CAI provide modern instrumentation for material characterisation.

SS NMR is non-destructive and only requires very small amounts of material for analysis (50 mg or less). The combination of spectroscopy with spectral editing and relaxometry allows researchers to investigate structural and dynamic properties in addition to the chemical composition.

We have expertise with a wide variety of materials, from newly-synthesised chemicals to polymers, complex inorganic composites, hybrid materials and biological substances.

Please contact the Facility Manager if you have any queries about benefits of SS NMR for your project.

Our equipment

  • 7.41 Tesla (300 MHz) wide bore superconducting magnet interfaced with a two-channel Bruker Avance III spectrometer with temperature control unit.

Probes Available

  • 4.0 mm MAS HX probe. Maximum spinning rate 9 kHz. Two channels: X (wide range) and 1H. Temperature range: -30 to +70°C.
  • 7 mm static probe. Single channel, 13 to 123 MHz.

For information, please contact the Facility Manager.