A Bruker Autoflex MALDI-TOF/TOF MSI facility is available for both advanced MSI and protein analysis. MSI enables the spatial distribution of ions to be imaged directly in tissue sections down to a resolution of 50 µm. Example applications include biomarker studies in cancer and drug distribution. Tissue sections analysed by MSI can be subsequently stained and examined by histology. The technology is an ideal platform for mass analysis of biomolecules and characterisation of protein folding and sequencing. A robotic LC-spotter allows full-scale proteomic experimentation.


  • MS analysis of a wide range of molecules by MALDI-MS spot analysis
  • Top-down proteomics of purified proteins by MALDI-ISD-MS
  • LC-MS analysis of complex samples by LC-MALDI-MS
  • Bottom-up proteomics of enzymatically digested protein samples by LC-MALDI-MS/MS
  • Spatial distribution of molecules in tissues by imaging mass spectrometry

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